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Andrew Smith is a loving husband, father, certified professional accountant and chartered accountant, author and speaker.

He possesses high-energy, a rambunctious personality, and is known for his infectious sense of humour combined with an unmissable, hearty and loud, evil-villain type of laugh.

His insane humour keeps him grounded, balanced, yet a little off-kilter. Enabling him to navigate through and meticulously document our world; in particular his world, his environment.

This, the environment that has:

- created him;
- challenged him;
- burdened him;
- educated him; and
- grown him.

This same environment has forced him to question everything. Making him seek more, see more, feel more and BE more.

This is the back story, the origins of Andrew Wayne Fitzgerald Smith (AWFS), an uncommon individual with a mostly common name.


Published Books

Rebuilding Janise


No one expects a catastrophic medical event. What do you do when a seemingly normal day turns into one of the worst days in your life?

Andrew Smith describes what happened after his beloved wife, Janise, called him and with slurred words told him she wasn't feeling well. Within an hour she was in the intensive care unit of the hospital, with tubes everywhere, and machines beeping out her vital medical statistics. The doctors told him she had had a massive stroke and there was nothing for Andrew and his bewildered teenage son to do but pray.

What happened next is lovingly told in this book, produced by collecting the author's journaled thoughts and the social media posts he sent out to his large family and their even larger circle of friends over the course of the first year after Janise's stroke. If you are a stroke survivor, or the family, friend, or medical team that supports survivors, then this book is for you.

eBook and Paper Back Book available on Amazon:

A life in motion (in movement through time) book of poetry


A unique journey that offers a glimpse into the world of the author.  A look into his life, the tears and the laughter, the joys and the pains.  Ultimately building up  to the obstacles to overcome and the lessons that have been learned.

This work illustrates the author's fight to be the best version of himself that he can be at each moment in time.  A constant battle within the imperfect journey of his life.  A journey that he is committed to travel on his own terms without sacrificing his principles.

This book of poems will leave you with positive vibes.  The strong hope and faith of the author will be transferred to you .  You will be thankful for the time spent between the covers of this book.


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