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Rebuilding Janice

No one expects a catastrophic medical event. What do you do when a seemingly normal day turns into one of the worst days in your life?

Andrew Smith describes what happened after his beloved wife, Janise, called him and with slurred words told him she wasn't feeling well. Within an hour she was in the intensive care unit of the hospital, with tubes everywhere, and machines beeping out her vital medical statistics. The doctors told him she had had a massive stroke and there was nothing for Andrew and his bewildered teenage son to do but pray.

What happened next is lovingly told in this book, produced by collecting the author's journaled thoughts and the social media posts he sent out to his large family and their even larger circle of friends over the course of the first year after Janise's stroke. If you are a stroke survivor, or the family, friend, or medical team that supports survivors, then this book is for you.

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